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"The Free Radical Connection"

Do you breathe? do you eat? do you move?; if you are a living being, you are producing free radicals in your body. What are they and what does this fact mean to you?; first, form a mental image of our solar system with the planets orbiting around the sun. Now, shrink this down to microscopic size and you have a rough representation of the structure of an atom. The planets in their various orbits around the sun represent the electrons spinning around an atomís nucleus.

In a "non radical" compound, all orbits are occupied by two electrons. This electron pairing makes the compound very stable, however, in a "free radical" compound, there is a single unpaired electron in the outer orbit. A single "excited" electron is searching to become part of a paired set and will "steal" an electron from another nearby atom to accomplish this pairing. During this theft, the original free radical becomes stable but the neighboring atom, by losing an electron, becomes a free radical itself. This new free radical will then seek out another atom to steal from and on and on. A biochemical reaction somewhat like the effect a cue-ball has, in billiards on the break.

Free radical reactions are necessary to life. The transfer of electrons is basic to energy production and many metabolic processes, however, if the chain reaction continues in an uncontrolled manner, cell membrane damage can occur resulting in altered cell function, mutation and even cell death. In fact, some scientists have been theorizing that cellular free radical damage is the major cause of aging and degenerative disease. Maintaining originality of the genetic blueprint is paramount!

Built into your marvelous body is a control mechanism to stop this chain reaction at the proper time; its ultimate function being that of stabilizing the "frequency" of the cellsí atoms. This system is made up of a number of compounds, mostly vitamin and mineral derived, which have been given the collective name of "antioxidants" / meaning against oxygen.


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