Use as an arm or wrist-band (snug-fit / copper plate preferably on pulse side) and connect lead clamp to the best Metal Ground Source, such as: household water-piping with the most direct, uninterrupted route to the main, underground water service (Communal Water System); if the underground piping is not copper or metal, a buried Ground-Rod of substance, as hook-up shall result in "modest", however, adequate performance; it will be effective over a prolonged period.


sleep periods and when convenient. Persons of average weight allow approximately 6 weeks of treatment, to observe effective and noticeable results; miraculous results shall manifest themselves after 4 to 6 months.



Use by children only under an adult's supervision.
PVC or other than "Metal" incoming water service is not an effective "Grounding Source".
Refrain from use during electrical storms, if the connection is above ground and external to the dwelling.

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