Wait a minute! AGAINST oxygen?; the very air we breathe?; yes, because oxygen can be friend or foe, life-giving or toxic, depending on its form. During the course of everyday metabolism in an air breathing (aerobic) organism, oxygen generates many toxic free radicals such as the super-oxide radical, the hydroxyl radical, the singlet, oxygen radical, and the hydrogen peroxide radical. Fortunately, the cellular damage of these compounds is kept to a minimum by the quenching effect of the antioxidants. That is the good news. The bad news is that our antioxidant systems can be defeated. As we age, we become less and less able to stop these chain reactions at the right time; also, as if itís not enough that our bodies produce free radicals as a bi-product of metabolism, we are continuously assaulted by free radical generators from the outside! 

Free radical generators include ozone, cigarette and other types of smoke, herbicides and pesticides, solvents, petrochemicals, drugs, sun rays, X-rays, microwaves, electro-magnetic forces emitted from high tension lines, electric motors, cell phones, telephones, computers and TV screens etc., and, even some components in the food that we eat. Anyone exercising out there?; yes, exercise increases free radical formation due to increased oxygen usage. We cannot prevent free radical formation since it is part of our metabolism and part of living in a industrialized world, BUT, we can make sure that our antioxidant systems are functioning at their best by further assisting in the free radical purging and quenching process.


The practical, safe and most effective GROUNDHEALTHTM Medical Band; a subtle escape route for those harmful free radicals. "The Skin" (the bodyís largest organ), having uninterrupted contact with "a much improved grounding source", over a period of time, can dramatically add to oneís well-bring. The metal atoms throughout the entire body act as microscopic antennas and conductors, which continuously draw "excess" free radicals towards the point of contact with this unique, highly conductive band; thereafter, via a copper lead, on to Earth itself. An extraordinary, natural therapy which is used during sleep periods or when convenient, in the full comfort of oneís home.


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