Ground Health Medical Band

'Assistive Grounding'

The GROUNDHEALTHTM Medical Band is an innovative approach to natural healing. While Louis Pasteurís discovery of destroying bacteria by prolonged application of heat may seem obvious in hindsight, it has saved innumerable lives. "Assistive Grounding" is also a "common sense" and extremely important discovery; a most beneficial therapy for an extensive list of ailments.

Metal atoms gather in collective deposits within the human body, acting as microscopic antennas, absorbing electro-magnetic forces from our hazardous environment. The result is the sometime mutation of normal cells and an overall weakening of the immune system. "Assistive Grounding" stabilizes the natural force-fields within the molecules of the cells, by providing a gentle escape route by which to purge the "Free Radicals". The resulting therapeutic value, as per the actual testimonials, by a multitude of relieved and delighted users, is astounding.

The GROUNDHEALTHTM Medical Band, through direct, extensive contact with the bodyís largest organ, the skin, provides a natural conduit for release of the "Free Radicals" and stabilizes cells in the adjoining tissue, the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems, other vital organs and through to the bone marrow itself. Nothing is missed by "Assistive Grounding", with the use of the GROUNDHEALTHTM Medical Band.

"Assistive Grounding" is not "Alternative Medicine, rather, it is a "Fundamental Scientific Principle" that can be applied to and compliment a simple laboratory petri-dish experiment, through to advanced biological research studies.

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